Weight Loss Trainer

I have never been asked, how do you feel about the side effects of vegetables, fruits, or lean meats? Why because we all know they are good for us yet we disregard them due to inconvenience. We would rather take the convenient route of a packaged meal that has 200 calories in it. The quality of those calories is never important; just the convenience. What is more convenient? Investing the time to prepare healthy meals for your week, or spending your prime years at the doctor figuring out why you have diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Nutrition is by far my favorite topic! When I first started leading folks to health, I firmly believed in supplements. They were necessary to a healthy body and healthy success plan. Boy was I wrong! There are so many different brands, options, promises, and quite frankly; Bad stuff on the market today, I can easily see how complicated nutrition can be. These supplements are “designed” to help us lose weight. The supplement industry is roughly an 18 billion dollar industry. Obviously we are spending our money on them, but our obesity epidemic is growing at the same rate as the industry revenue. Obviously there is problem.

How do we simplify it? Easy! We know supplements don’t work. So what is our other options? Organic food. I am not necessarily talking about the farm to table organic; although I believe this is our best option. I am simply speaking of items that organically grow in nature or at one point grew wild in nature prior to modern civilization. Examples: vegetables, fruits, potatoes, grains, meats, etc… If you can’t find it in nature, just don’t eat it. Oh and one more thought, quite counting calories, macro’s, and water intake. Just eat till you are full and don’t eat again till you are hungry. There are so many cultures that eat mainly protein, mainly carbs, or mainly fats that are exponentially healthier than Americans. Why? Portion control…

It almost seems fat loss and health can’t be this simple, but I promise you it can. For a Free Consultation with a qualified weight loss trainer in San Antonio call us today 210-549-7843.