There is no greater change in life, then that brought out by well thought out physical fitness

You’ve tried everything to become fit and healthy. With the correct motivation and training, both these goals can be accomplished!

Andy Travis’s (Certified Personal Trainer) experience, knowledge, and dedication to fitness has helped hundreds of people just like you, enjoy a better life

After your Free Initial Consultation. Andy will design a program to help shape the body and state of health you crave. He will work side by side with you to improve your fitness, weight, nagging aches and pains, sleep fatigue and stress.
Now is the perfect time to take action to a fitter, healthier, more confident you!

For a Free Consultation to a Heathier Life
Call 210-549-7843.

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Personal Training

With amenities and equipment not found at traditional gyms, Andy helps his clients align their fitness goals to the foundational movements that the human body is designed for. His success is measured by the clients who learn that these daily foundational movement leads to a much healthier life.

The difference between Andy Travis and other gyms is that his priority isn’t only to change your body, it’s to improve your overall health and life!

For a Free Consultation to a Heathier Life Call 210-549-7843.

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A healthy body creates a healthy spirit. Our mission is to guide people in finding synergy in all 3 areas. We teach you how to move pain free, eat healthy and fun, and live positively! Movement should be effortless and painless. Nutrition should be fun and simple. Thoughts and emotions should be positive.

Our goal is to build a healthy lifestyle for you. Constructed around pain free, efficient movement, fun and tasty nutrition, and a positive outlook on life!

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In Home Training

Prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home? Saving time and achieving your personal goals. Travis Performance will build a custom workout program specifically designed with both goals in mind. Call for more information 210-549-7843.

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Nutrition doesn’t have to be boring and un-tasty. Together, we will analyze your current nutritional habits, discover your favorite foods, and build an effective nutrition plan based on your individual needs and goals! Call for more information 210-549-7843.

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