Accountability is key in reaching goal. For this reason, we offer group exercise classes for up to 4 people. Each semi private personal training group receives a plan customized to ensure the best results possible. Each group member will receive a nutrition plan which will coincide perfectly with their training program. When working in a group, we are accountable to more than just our trainer, plus we can have more fun with a friend. We offer to types of group training.


We understand there are those who do not need daily guidance but simply need help with programming and nutrition. We offer both in an easy to use format online. Services include a full nutrition, or exercise program which is easy to follow and user friendly. Each online client receives weekly guidance via phone call, skype, or email.


Our Yoga professionals provide the best in educational and spiritual classes. Each individual, whether group or private, follows the same full assessment as our training clients.

We provide a calm, spiritual atmosphere to obtain peace in the body and soul.

For more information about our semi private personal training groups in San Antonio, Call 210-549-7843.